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Give your customers more insight

Does your client wait until the filing deadlines are past to send their paperwork through? Are you getting out of date information; incorrect, damaged or illegible receipts from your clients? And then need to process them urgently?

Ever thought that there has to be a better way?

Twinfield does; which is why we are introducing Invoicing. A new way to collaborate with your clients – smartly and seamlessly. Innovative, intelligent and easy – your clients will be asking you to be able to use Invoicing!

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Online invoicing for accountants
Invoicing online for accountants


Why you'll be excited:

Increased efficiency
How much time will you save by no longer re-typing your client’s Excel or Word invoices into your accounting system? No more waiting for client receipts; no more workload peaks at deadlines. Your clients can create and send invoices direct to their customers; and the invoices are automatically saved in the Twinfield system.

Smart cooperation
Divide the workload between you and your client; smartly! Your clients raise and send their sales invoices allowing you to review entries and make any corrections immediately , before posting to final. Working in partnership with your clients leaves less chance of errors and more contact between you and your client; meaning the data is always correct and up-to-date, allowing you to give meaningful advice to your clients at any time.

User friendly
Twinfield Invoicing is so easy to use that your clients can be up to speed and managing their own invoicing quickly. The new design is intuitive; the interface is well organized, clear and logical.

With the new Twinfield Invoicing you and your clients are always up to date on the status of any invoice. All tasks are clearly displayed in a timeline, no more trying to remember if there are any outstanding tasks. With a full audit trail, you can always see who has done what and when.

Simple Design
Need a different invoice layout for each client? No problem. With the drag & drop ability it’s easy to create different invoice layouts for each client.


  • The dashboard
    Instant insight into your invoice workflow.
  • Visual workflow
    See which invoices need your attention.
  • Timeline
    See what's happened, by whom and when.
  • Invoice designer
    Create invoices to look the way you want.
  • E-mail template
    Edit the way your e-mails are sent - easily.
  • Click to see how invoicing works

Doing your own invoicing is expensive? Absolutely not.

£9 p/m

  • Help your client move their business forward
  • Give your clients a better understanding of the figures and therefore a better understanding of their business
  • Let your client control their own sales process: anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • Raise invoices from wherever you are: Twinfield Invoicing is available on any mobile device connected to the internet
  • Future-proof: contemporary technology and innovation, available now!
  • Provide excellent service
  • Provide added value to your clients by offering them a collaborative solution
  • With the accounts being automatically updated the work peaks will start to smooth out
  • Everything is online and safely controlled, no more missing or late paperwork
  • Instant insight into the invoice workflow; immediate access to up to date figures
  • A smart and safe collaboration between you and your client
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Twinfield Invoicing is developed with our customers. Read more about their experiences below.

What our customers say:

I can immediately see the status of my sales invoices. The timeline, in particular, is very convenient!
Hans Bakker

I am aware of the payment behaviour of my clients. That gives me insight!
John Vlietstra

No more clients hoarding receipts. Everything is done online and accounts are automatically updated. That saves a lot of hassle.
Marcel Klopman

I can invoice in a very simple way and quickly design the invoice in the layout I want. There is no worry!
Hans Lisse

In the evening, sitting on my sofa, I can create invoices on my iPad. Works perfectly!
Martin Kaspers

About Twinfield

Twinfield UK is a subsidiary of Twinfield International N.V., the European market leader in the area of online accounting and part of the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting division, the global leading provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services. Today, more than 80,000 financial accounts are being compiled using Twinfield in 22 countries.

Online accounting via Twinfield means flexible accounting, with a range of subscriptions to suit both small and large organisations. Twinfield also ensures efficient, secure, real-time data exchange between clients and administration or accountancy firms. Because Twinfield works as a web application, users can access and exchange financial reports online anywhere and anytime via a secure internet connection.

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